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A Best-in-Class iOS App: The Book Series Package

A Best-in-Class iOS App: The Complete Book Series. Beta edition for 50% off - now with team packages available!

The evergreen, constantly updated book that's the perfect companion to have with you on your iOS endeavors. New content comes biweekly until version one is finished. Four books in one package, with one bonus book.

The package also includes:

· An Xcode project to browse code samples.

· Access to the private Best-in-Class Buddies Discord server.

· Free annual version updates while you buy during the beta period. The version you buy today is the shortest version you'll ever own. 

Table of contents:

Book I. Accessibility

  • Introduction: An Accessible Mindset

  • The 10,000 Foot View: The Basics

  • VoiceOver

  • The Rotor Control

  • Custom and System Actions

  • The Switch Control

  • Voice Control

  • Customized Accessibility Content

  • Behaviors Overview

  • Focus

  • Readable Content

  • Image Adjustments

  • Textual Context

  • Navigation Considerations

  • Dynamic Type

  • Adaptable Interfaces

  • Posting and Consuming Accessibility Notifications

  • User Preferences in SwiftUI

  • Convenience Functions

  • Contextual Scenarios

  • SwiftUI Techniques

  • Accessibility Inspector

  • Accessibility Shortcuts

  • Are You Done?

Book II. Design

  • Introduction: Can you learn design?

  • Finding your App's Voice

  • Navigation

  • Bars

  • Tactful Modality

  • Feedback and Reinforcement

  • Color

  • Copy

  • Playfulness

  • Gestures

  • Dynamic Type

  • Device Considerations

  • Feeling at Home

  • Keep or Cut

Book III. User Experience 

  • Introduction: Easy Flying

  • Onboarding

  • Launch Time

  • On Demand Resources

  • Scrolling Performance

  • In-App Purchases and Subscriptions

  • Quick Look Preview

  • Search

  • Loading States

  • State Restoration

  • Custom View Controller Transitions

  • Localization and Internationalization

  • Micro Animations

  • Haptics

  • Undo and Redo

  • Context Menus

  • Reloading Data

  • Leveraging Keyboard Experiences

  • The Pointer on iPadOS

  • Handoff

  • SF Symbols

  • Getting Data In and Out

  • Controller Considerations

  • Your App's Website

Book IV. iOS APIs and Frameworks

  • Introduction: The Heart of iOS

  • App Clips

  • AirPrint

  • CloudKit

  • Dark Mode

  • Drag and Drop

  • Effective Energy Management

  • iMessage Extensions

  • Live Photos

  • Machine Learning

  • Maps

  • Multiple Windows

  • Notifications

  • PencilKit

  • Security and Privacy

  • Safari Services

  • Sign in with Apple

  • Siri Shortcuts

  • Share and Actions Extensions

  • Spotlight Search

  • Quick Actions

  • VisionKit

  • WebKit

  • WidgetKit

  • URL Schemes

Book V. Bonus: Toolbelt Expansion

  • Introduction: Welcome to Level 2

  • Argument and Launch Environment Variables

  • Property List Keys to Consider

  • Universal Type Identifiers

  • simctl

  • vmmap

  • plutil 

  • Leveraging Schemes

  • Development Assets

Buy now to get the beta editions, with updates coming biweekly until version 1 is complete. From there, it'll always be updated with new iOS content as Apple ships them and early access buyers will be entitled to those versions for free as well.

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  • The book in .pdf, .mobi and .epub formats. Xcode code sample project. Discord server access. Free updates for life.
  • Size96.2 MB
  • Chapters Completed29
  • Word Count53,005
  • Full Code Samples90
  • Version0.0.13
  • Next content updateDecember 9th


A Best-in-Class iOS App: The Book Series Package

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